Graduate Student Assistantship

The role of a Graduate Student Assistantship (GSA) is to provide academic duties including proctoring exams, marking examination papers and/or research duties assigned to a graduate student engaged in research performed for a member of faculty not directly related to the student’s own research.

The research oriented projects contribute to the student’s academic and professional development. Must be a part-time or full-time registered Western graduate student.

Additional Details

Compensation Rate Determined by hiring unit
Employment Deductions and Benefit Changes Regular deductions - Tax, CPP, EI etc., 13%
CRA Tax Treatment Regular income, 100% taxable, reported on T4 tax receipt
Posting Required? No Posting Required
System Paid Through HR Payroll system; Hired by Staff Appointment Notice (HR) (login required)
Job Code; When Paid X0500; Monthly or weekly
Employment Contract Requirements for International Students