Vietnam International Education Development of the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam

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The purpose of this agreement is to facilitate and promote collaboration between VIED and Western University with a view of providing funding support and opportunities to Vietnamese students as they pursue their graduate studies at Western.

VIED will cover:

  • The cost of domestic tuition fees for PhD students (including ancillary fees), and international tuition fees for Master's students (including ancillary fees)
  • A monthly living allowance in accordance with its established norm for fellows studying abroad
  • The cost of the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP)
  • The cost of return airfare to London, Canada

The Host Graduate Program will:

  • Provide Master's students with a support package that offsets the differential tuition between international and domestic fees
  • Provide laboratory space, library access, appropriate equipment and supplies to carry out the research project, on the same basis as is done for domestic students

SGPS will:

  • Ensure the student is registered and record the VIED agreement with the approved dates provided by VIED in the Student Center
  • Report as required to VIED on the status of the registered students