Graduate Bursary Assistance

Bursaries are non-repayable, taxable grants issued to full-time students who demonstrate financial need. They supplement other sources of funding such as OSAP, the full-time student's own resources and/or those of the parents/spouse.


  • Variable

How to Apply

  • Log into your Student Center account, select Apply for Financial Assistance in the Financial Assistance box at the bottom of the page.

Timeline and Deadlines

  • Application will open beginning of the firstmonth of each new term (September, January, May)
  • Application will close end of the first month of each new term (September, January, May)


  • Graduate bursaries are targeted towards full-time students registered in certain programs:

    • Advanced Health Care Practice (MClSc)
    • Chemical and Biochemical Engineering (MEng)
    • Civil and Environmental Engineering (MEng)
    • Communication Sciences and Disorders (MClSc)
    • Data Analytics (MDA)
    • Design and Manufacturing Engineering (MEng)
    • Electrical and Computer Engineering (MEng)
    • Environment and Sustainability (MES)
    • Family Medicine (MClSc)
    • Journalism and Communication (MMJC)
    • Library and Information Science (MLIS)
    • Management of Applied Science (MMASc)
    • Mechanical and Materials Engineering (MEng)
    • Nuclear Engineering (MEng)
    • Orthodontics (MClD)
    • Occupational Therapy (MSc(OT))
    • Pathologists' Assistant (MClSc)
    • Physical Therapy (MPT)
    • Public Administration (MPA)

    The bursaries contribute towards the differential between Category I and Category II tuition fees for those full-time students demonstrating unmet financial need through an OSAP-type needs-assessment.

    • Must be in an eligible Category II graduate program (see above)
    • Must have been assessed with the maximum government student loan amounts (OSAP) and have unmet need for the assessment AND negotiate the loans
    • You must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident to apply
    • Must apply for government student loans* (e.g. OSAP)

    *If you are not eligible for government student loans, but meet the residency requirements, then please complete the application and Student Financial Aid will contact you if additional information is required.